What is 925 Silver? Here’s everything you need to know!

Are you planning to make a silver purchase soon? Are you still unsure about how to make the right purchase? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. You have come to the right place! We are here to help to clear all your doubts about silver and explain exactly why you should invest in it.

First, as a consumer, you must have clarity on the purity of silver that you will find in the silver articles that you purchase. There are so many varieties of silver on the market that it is easy for you to get confused when you hear terms such as sterling silver, 925 silver, nickel silver and so on. Well, these are all alloys of silver. It means that these are a combination of silver with other elements that act like impurities in order to improve the silver’s property.

It is highly crucial that you should know about an important property of silver. Silver is a very soft metal and hence, it is not capable of being used in its purest form. Hence, all silver articles are made with certain impurities added to them, though in very little percentages. These are called silver alloys. The most common of these include copper and nickel, which makes silver hard and easy to turn into a variety of shapes and sizes. Well, now you know the secret. From now on, you know that when you call a silver pure, it only means that it has the lowest amount of impurity in it.

The importance of hallmarks

When making a silver purchase, you must be sure to carefully check the articles for their hallmarks. A hallmark is an official stamp on commercial items made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. This official mark is stamped by an analytical bureau in order to confirm compliance with the general standards. In India, this practice of marking silver articles is performed by the Bureau of Indian Standards. In each type of silver purchase that you make from a registered silver shop, you will find tiny marks on the surface of the article.

These are the hallmarks. They will indicate to you everything that you will need to know about the silver that you are about to purchase.

Hallmarks are imprinted on silver articles in order to determine the purity of the silver used. There are hundreds of local and online silver sellers, so it can be difficult to tell if you are buying genuine pieces or not. That’s when the hallmark comes into the picture. They indicate the purity of silver that will help you to stay away from the deceptive ones which come at alluring low prices. 

Therefore, when you see the 925 mark on silver, you should know that it is a hallmark that confirms the purity of the silver that has been used to make the article. Numerically, it denotes that the silver article has 925 parts of silver, thereby covering 92.5% of the item with silver particles. On the contrary, 75 parts include a different metal, thereby covering as low as only 7.5% of the item. This is a system that denotes silver purity called millesimal fineness. It helps determine the purity of silver in every thousand particles.

The silver with millesimal fitness as 925, as discussed above, is called sterling silver. Sounds familiar, right? As you might already know, the sterling silver contains copper as the second metal. Hence, you will find that a 925 silver, also known as a sterling silver, has 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper in it. Copper in this makes the silver a lot more durable, thereby allowing it to take a large variety of forms, which is physically impossible with 100% silver metal.

If genuine, all sterling silver items will have a 925 silver hallmark seal. The problem, however, is that sterling silver is not too cheap. And this is totally understanding, now that you know the percentage of silver that has been used to make it. So, if you find a silver manufacturer who offers a low price for an article he claims is sterling silver, do not fall for the lie. Although reasonably affordable, it cannot have too low a price. Moreover, always check for the official stamp – the hallmark. This is the only way to determine the purity of your silver item without worrying about being cheated.

Here’s why you need to invest in silver

However, besides copper being the most favorite alloy with silver, some manufacturers also choose nickel and zinc as they also do not affect the overall quality and essential properties of silver in any way. The introduction of these new metals to silver and the smelting process that is used to make silver alloys determine the hardness of the final silver alloy product and thus enable the creation of intricate and intricate jewelry. To strengthen silver and maintain its color and luster, the silver metal is mixed with other metals so that the new compound becomes strong enough for silversmiths to use. Now you know how complex making a silver product is!

Silver is a wonderful metal to invest in. As you might already know, the metal only increases in value over time. Therefore, you can expect to get a good return for it in the future. Unlike other precious metals like gold and platinum, silver is quite affordable. Moreover, it is light and lustrous – a perfect match to include in your home. Be it kitchenware, home decor or simple utility items, silver can be used for all. But when making a 925 silver purchase, it is crucial to ensure that you take good care of the silver products. Just because 925 silver is a good quality siler, it is common for it to tarnish, which is a natural process for silver. When the surface of silver gets exposed to air for a long time, it reacts with the atmosphere to form a blackish layer on it, called tarnish.

Silver articles need careful handling and regular polishing to ensure that the silver retains its luster and beauty. While more expensive metals have the same durability, 925 silver is the cheapest luxury metal that you will find, it is a metal that will stand the test of time and become your family’s heirloom for years to come.

Hopefully, now you have a greater clarity on silver as well as its chemical and physical properties. Silver sure does add class and elegance and is used to make highly versatile forms of articles. It sure does stand out. With its rich history, culture, and value in India since ancient times, it is no wonder that silver has always won people’s hearts. This is why it is worth paying for and investing in real 925 silver items. The quality and durability outweighs the cost. Sterling silver can more than compete with other precious metals on the market – charming, functional and affordable.

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