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Silver Articles For Gifting & Personal Use – Timeless Elegances

Exchanging gifts have always fascinated many hearts through centuries. Every culture has its own etiquettes around giving and receiving gifts. The beginning of gifts happened as a way of expressing gratitude, love, joy, happiness, recognition, achievements, and appreciation towards people or their emotions. Gifting wasn’t termed as an expensive object, but was favoured for the feelings and emotions it carried along.

The market is flooded with expensive gifting options to handmade gifting surprises. The way you choose depends firstly on your budget, then on the occasion and lastly, on the connection you have with the person. After deep analysis, you can also think of gifting a temporary object or you want the person to relish your gift a bit longer. If you agree with a gift that lasts long, pure silver gifts can be your ultimate choice.

Pure silver gift items for housewarming pooja thali, diyas, idols of God, etc. can appear wonderful and welcoming in the list of choices. We’ll be discussing further the importance of gifting pure silver gift items, also will highlight the importance of hallmark, the cons of buying fake silver, and testing whether your silver is pure or not.

Pure Silver Gifts for Personal Use

Silver can’t get wrong with any preference. It’s royal and luxuriously cultured. It is a best option for gifting and as well as best for having pure silver gifts for your personal use, too. Silver adds a shine to your interiors while attracting the positivity around the homely atmosphere. Silver has been moulded into many existing forms since centuries, and is therefore, appropriate for personal usage too.

For choices, you can select various silver gift articles and wholesale gift items from the most trusted seller of time, “Beliram Jain Silverware”. Our range is spectacular and quality is trusted by hundreds of our valued customers. Interested in buying? Go check the homepage for more details.

Evolution of Gifts

Before starting with the tradition of gifting pure silver items, let’s check on the evolution of Gifts. From the primitive caveman culture, gifting has always been part of human activities

Gifting was a gesture to celebrate affection and love for one another. Items used as gifts in those times were any animal tooth, rock with unusual shape, tree bark, carved stone sculptures or anything from nature. With growing time, gifts became a necessity among tribes on their auspicious night-outs, for showcasing their emotions for each other.

With time, alterations happened in the variety of gifting items. People switched to handcrafted items, enjoying various paintings and sculptures of the time. Gifts made of gold and silver also received appreciation filled with gratitude and exchange of feelings.

Why does India still care about silver more than any other metal?

Billion years ago, silver first mining happened in Turkey, Anatolia in 3000 BC. The silver extracted was used by people of Mycenaean civilization, in Greece. In 2500 BC, the cupelation process was invented by these civilization people as a remedy to ease out metallurgy. In 7th Century BC, the first exchange of Silver Coins happened in Lydia, Turkey.

Cons of Buying from Random Sellers

Purchasing pure silver gift items randomly from any seller can cost you something that you never thought of. Let’s check on some points:

  1. When you buy silver from random sellers, there are chances of getting cheated or scammed.
  2. No proper BIS Hallmark receipt is provided with the purchase.
  3. You tend to pay extra than the cost of your purchase of the wholesale silver gift items.
  4. Your information can be at stake if you buy Silver from untrusted sources. 
  5. You can be cheated on the overall weight of the silver gift items you purchase.

Pros of Buying from Beliram Jain Silverwareellers

If you’re planning to invest your hard earned money in purchasing pure silver gift items, don’t ignore the classic collection of Beliram Jain Silverware. Here are the pros of buying from the experienced gifting store.

  1. Beliram Jain Silverware has been impressing people worldwide with its quality for 50 years. The existing customers vouch on the durability of the silver gift articles.
  2. Pure silver gift items for marriage can be purchased impulsively, without a second thought because their products are hallmarked and BIS receipt is provided at the checkout. 
  3. Your receipt at the end of the purchase will include description of your silver gift items, the net weight, purity in carat, fineness, a label of being eligible to check the purity at any BIS recognised centre and the hallmarking charges with a dedicated receipt

Our Products

Beliram Jain Silverware has a remarkable variety you can choose from. Some common categories you can select from are:

  1. Pure Silver Gifts for Marriage
  2. Pure Silver Return Gifts
  3. Pure Silver Gift Items for Housewarming
  4. Various other Silver Gift Articles

With these categories, we also have pure silver Pooja Thali, pure silver Idols of Gods, pure silver Diyas and other silver return gifts waiting for your purchase to cherish at your place or even as a gift to others.

You’ve Got Us!

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