Revival of Old Silver - Steps You Need to Follow!

Revival of Old Silver – Steps You Need to Follow!

Are you fond of silver? If yes, then you will certainly agree that silver articles look absolutely stunning be it kitchenware, showpiece, puja idols or home decor items. As you might already know, silver has been an integral part of every Indian household since ancient times. Believed to be auspicious, the metal is said to bring good luck and prosperity beside looking absolutely gorgeous in any home ambience. 

However, there are many times when investing in silver gifts or products seem dangerous. But once the queries are answered, putting every coin in silver appears to be one of the best investments ever made. 

Why does silver sometimes look old and dull?

Most of us have an abundant silver possession in our homes. While silver articles are very eye-catching and have the ability to transform the place where it is kept, it also tends to turn dull with time if not maintained properly with care. The chemical process by which silver turns dull is called tarnishing. This happens when the silver particles from your article react with atmospheric hydrogen sulphide to form a dark coloured coating over the silver’s surface which chemically is silver sulphide.

The tarnishing process affects the appearance of silver, turning the sleek and lustrous surface into a dull and boring one. Therefore, it is particularly crucial to prevent tarnishing. Silver care methods that prevent the silver from tarnishing should be adopted. However, if you have silver articles that have already turned dull with time, do not worry! There sure are ways to revive the old silver and bring back its beauty, thereby making it as good as new.

Here’s how you can revive old silver

The easiest way to restore oxidized silver items to its normal state is by using a cleaning cloth. You can also polish your silver articles immediately after using them in order to remove any form of contaminants that may be present. For this, the use of a 100% cotton cloth or a flannel cloth will surely give the best results. Moreover, regular polishing of silver articles will prevent the tarnishing process and ensure that your silver articles look shiny and beautiful.

Fortunately, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to remove tarnish in order to polish and clean silver. This is a simple do-it-yourself idea that requires just a few simple steps. Cleaning silver, even the heavily oxidized ones, can now be done with this easy homemade solution, and you probably already have all the ingredients you need for this. This method involves soaking the silver item in a homemade cleaning solution. For this to happen, you must choose a container that should be large enough to hold the silver article that you want to revive. To carry out the cleaning process, you will have to dip your silver article into a tub filled with water, after adding two or three teaspoons of salt and baking soda. Remember to place an aluminum foil at the bottom, covering the base of the tub. 

You will likely observe that after the silver article soaks for a few minutes, the tarnish will transfer from the surface of the silver to the aluminum foil by a chemical process. The chemical reaction of the baking soda with the aluminum will remove the compound that forms on the silver’s surface to give it an oxidized appearance. The combination of aluminum and salt reacts with the silver to remove tarnish and revive the beautiful and lustrous finish. The sulphur particles get attracted to the aluminum particles in the foil, thereby transferring towards the foil after separating from the surface of the silver article. With this simple scientific knowledge, this is a great home remedy and an easy way to remove silver tarnish and revive the lost luster of your favourite silver articles, with proven results.

If your silver article starts to look a little old and faded, a gentle wash with soap and water will help restore some of its shine temporarily. It will work wonders in restoring its radiance and removing severe discoloration in no time. This cleaning method is suitable for slightly tarnished silver articles only. So next time you expect a sudden visit by your guests, do not worry! Use this simple method to bring back the shine that you want in your silver to make it more presentable. However, you must keep in mind that silver tarnishes quicker in the presence of water. Hence, it is understandable as a one time or an emergency method for the revival of old silver.

Avoid these to get a long lasting shine on your silver articles

One thing that you must keep in mind is that while regular polishing is a great idea, it is not ideal to clean the silver articles with water on a regular basis, in an attempt to get back its shine. Water enhances the tarnishing process and hence, is not the best substance to clean your silver with. There may be instances where you will have to clean your silver with water, such as in the case of silver kitchenware and crockery. You must then keep in mind to dry off your silverware to the best of your ability to slow down the tarnishing process. You must remember to dry it fully since tiny water droplets are equally dangerous towards enhancing the tarnishing process of silver articles.

Storing your silver articles the right way is also essential to ensure that the tarnishing process is slow. Silver items should ideally be stored inside a cloth bag as it keeps the silver free from scratches and overall damage. Direct sunlight can tarnish silver, so be sure to keep your silver articles away from direct contact from sunlight or near the windows. Moreover, while storing silver, if you do not have a cloth cover around, you can store silver wrapped carefully around good quality tissue paper. Avoid the use of rubber bands around them as they can affect your silver by causing scratches on its delicate surface. As you might already know, silver is a very soft and delicate precious metal that scratches and oxidizes easily. 

Here’s a simple alternative to regular silver cleaning!

To avoid further tarnishing and other damage, be sure to take good care of your silver articles on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you follow the tips discussed in this blog, you can help limit tarnishing of your silver articles. However, it is still important to clean the silver article regularly in order to maintain its beauty and make your favorite silver heirloom last forever! While items made of silver can be quite delicate and require regular cleaning to keep them lustrous, it is very easy to revive their lost elegance and shine to make them look as good as new. So you do not have to worry too much about it.

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